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Bill at The Bell, Bath See more photos on “The Band” page.

Hello Friends. Alright? Yes you’ve arrived at the website of the original Man of Wealth and Taste.
The name’s Smarme – Bill Smarme – licensed to thrill.
Settle down with with a pint and a plate of curry sauce and chips and get to know the man behind the legend and his band – Bill Smarme – king of the social club crooners, love guru, connoisseur of fine wines and marmalades, building contractor.


For more fab fax ‘n’ info on your fave Stars, Bill Smarme & The Bizness, go to the AND THE BIZNESS¬†website.


Maverick Magazine:

“…lots of visual comedy combined with great musicianship…had
the audience in hysterics…extremely funny…”

BBC Wiltshire:

“…a hard act to miss…”

Bath Chronicle Review of Bill Smarme & The Bizness
Valentines Show “The Man With Lucky Lips”
13th & 14th February 2009 at The Rondo Theatre, Bath.

There were prizes. There were balloons. There was an air guitar competition. There were 100 kazoos playing Pretty Woman.
There were the Smarmettes, and the audience blew a united raspberry to a caller on Bill’s Lucky Lips Love Line.
It wasn’t a quiet night at a packed Rondo as Twerton’s love guru and ladies’ man Bill Smarme brought his humour, music, innuendo, hair gel, and pint of room temperature Liebfraumilch to Larkhall for a St. Valentine’s bash.
There was more audience participation than in the average panto, but in spite of the almost constant hilarity, Bill and the band are excellent musicians, playing covers of some of your most cherished songs. But not as nature, or the original writer, intended.
He’s almost reached the Tommy Cooper status of making the audience smile by just being there, and his occasional bafflement or mistake can bring the house down.
If there’s ever been a more crowded, noisier, happier evening at The Rondo then it was probably on one of his previous visits.
Bill’s Alright!!

Philip Horton

Venue Magazine Review of Bill Smarme & The Bizness Christmas Show at Rondo Theatre, Bath.

There are skimpily dressed ladies with pink wigs handing out Wotsits. Thus, it’s already shaping up to be the best gig ever, even before sequin-festooned Bill Smarme, ‘Twerton Superstar’, starts gyrating around the fibre optic Christmas tree-bedecked stage singing “It’s Gert Unusual to be Loved by Anyone”, with accent and dialect so strongly, proudly local that it needs a Lonely Planet guide. A cover of ‘My Favourite Things’, with banjo and double bass, is a hilarious tribute to the delights of custard, pork pies, cheap jewellery and even cheaper women. The ‘Hokey Cokey’ as performed by Elvis, ‘Viva Lyme Regis’, and a stupidly silly quiz with presents handed out to the audience – it just keeps on coming. Silly patter, funny yet clever songs performed by a whole band who join in the banter – this is the real meaning of Christmas. Happy novelty with a sold-out crowd all participating by humming through tissue. Sod your Nutinis and the like, the future is the Bonzo Dog Band meeting the Wurzels in a chandelier-filled theatre. With Wotsits.

Tamar Newton