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Building for Nobs

Let me tell you a bit about my building firm Smarmerection.
My band The Bizness all work in the firm during the day doing building work. As you can see from above, we specialise in building for the Gentry but will in fact build anything, any time, for anyone. We have built up quite a reputation over the years and some of our client testimonials are hard to believe. (See page 104). Because we are able to fulfill a clients needs so comprehensively, people rarely use us again.
Unlike a lot of cowboy outfits, we have a vast portfolio and we can build anything off the following list:

  • Extensions
  • Chimneys
  • Drives
  • Airports
  • Light switches
  • Cat flaps
  • Conference Centres
  • Loads of Other Things

Speed is of the essence in this modern world and we can wack up a building in next to no time. One of our fast track techniques is to dispense with foundations. You can’t see ‘em, you ain’t going to impress your neighbours with ‘em, so why bother? There are other ways of keeping a building up.
We very often get enquiries at gigs and end up going home with them, kipping down on their floor and building an extension for them the next day. This means that we don’t have to drive home and can have a few bevvies – so everyone wins.
Below are pics of some recent jobs what we done. Click on the thumbnails for the full picture and description.