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Here’s your very own page, with photos of some unique and rather special people – the FABS, or Fanz-A Bill Smarme. If you would like to have your photo here, just email it to and if it’s not offensive or lewd, I’ll include it. I may include it anyway.
Click on the photos for a pop-up! (Know what I mean, gents.)

So now, when you recognise someone on the street from their photo, you’ll be able to walk up to them and straightaway have something to talk about – me! You’ll rapidly make a heap of new friends and, who knows, you may end up making whoopee!
BUT, you’ll need full documentation and ID of membership of FABS, so please send
£67 + VAT per person to me at Wasteland, Twerton for full membership. Or see me in The Smarme’s Arms most Tuesdays.