Smarmy Pearl
In The Ring ‘O Bells, Bath, during Bath Fringe 2005, I sing my hit song “Smarmy Pearl”. Part of a film by Andy Cottle.

Wine appreciation
I also know one helluva lot about fine wine. Want to impress the women? Look and learn!

How to chat up women
Travellin’ life’s rocky rock’n’roll road, I’s had vast experience in chattin’ up women, and I would like to pass on a few tips to you blokes lookin’ for a good time.

Let’s have a pint
This is me in all me shimmerin’ glory singin’ one of me fabulous compositions “Let’s Have A Pint!”
(I used to drink beer before I discovered fine wine.)
This was done in me bathroom so it’s a bit echoey just like Elvis used to do in his bathroom. I’m actually standing in the bath so as not to waste any spilt beer.

How to play the blues
I has vast experience in a vast range of musical styles, and if you want to play rock’n’roll then you’ve got to know about the blues.